Hello World+: Your Dream Car Is No Longer a Dream

Ever wonder how the inside of a Porsche smells like? How the leather seat in a Mercedes feels? Or how exciting it will be to drive around in a Toyota GT86?

Why are you wondering when it can come true? The experiences of driving in a convertible top-down, cruising on a highway, and feeling the breeze in your hair can happen this very weekend. Rev the engine of a siiiick ride instead of just listening to it.

You don’t have to dream anymore. Let us bring it to life for you.

HelloWorld+ is here! 💜

With Hello World+, we want YOU to drive out in style when you make a comeback to all your favourite places. Make heads turn when you show up! It’s basically Hello World, but upgraded.

Book a car from our premium selection ranging from Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, Mini Cooper, Porsche, and more at HALF THE PRICE. Yep, you read that right.

Who said you needed to be flooded with cash to drive a Porsche? With TREVO car sharing platform, everyone can. We believe that you deserve a premium driving experience, hence why we are making it affordable for you!

Ready to get your hands on the snazzy car of your dreams? 😉

*Booking period until 12th July
*Promo period valid until 25th July
*Discount applicable only for premium cars under Hello World+ collection card

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